Meet the Fancy Nancy: Our 23′ Travel Trailer


After the Prowler was totaled over Memorial Day 2016 in a rush hour collision in Minneapolis, we immediately began the search for a new trailer.  We decided we wanted something new this time around because we had dreams to take this baby all over this beautiful country.  After searching for months, we finally decided on a….

2017 Highland Ridge Open Range Light 221RQB-The Fancy Nancy




  1.  Bunk Beds for the girls-and they are good size bunks.  The are wide enough that they shouldn’t outgrow them ever :).  The bottom bunk is actually wider than a standard size twin bed.  Also, the bottom bunk folds up.  When we do that our pack and play that Evie sleeps in fits perfect in that spot so it doesn’t take up precious floor space in the camper.
  2. “Pack and Play” door-we had this on our old trailer.  The bunks folded up and there was as small wider door where you could slide in the stroller, bikes, extra gear, kids toys and we loved having that feature.  This camper had it too but was even better because both of the bunks folded up.
  3. Lots of storage-I felt like with shorter units you lose the storage but not with this one-we still had a pass through outdoor storage, a linen closet in the bathroom, a wardrobe for the kids stuff, overhead bins, and a wardrobe for mine and John’s clothes.  We did go from having two small wardrobes to one that was a little bit bigger.
  4. An 8 cubic foot refrigerator.  Our old one was 6 and many trailers-especially this size come with a 6.  We were excited to get an 8cu ft one.
  5. Tank Size-we do quite a bit of camping that does not include full hookups so we rely a lot on the size of our water and waste tanks.  The gray tank was 62 gallons vs 40 in our old one.
  6. The biggest plus is the size of it-we downgraded in terms of size but I think upgraded in quality.  Our old trailer was 33ft total overall length (bumper to hitch).  This one is 26.5ft and the actually box is 23.5ft but doesn’t feel that way thanks to the bed that slides out the back.  And with the opposing slides it seems more spacious.  This makes it easier to tow and also we won’t have any troubles finding a campsite in a state or national park.
  7. A flexible dinette space (this is a pro and a con for me)  The tables are removable and when you take them away you have just a sofa.  This is great because we mainly eat outside as much as possible.  This was one of the things that drew us to Open Range products to begin with.
  8. The CCC on this unit is almost 3000 lbs.  We should never come close to reaching this but at least the option is there and we don’t have to worry-especially since we boondock at times and it would be nice to be able to drive with full water tanks if necessary.
  9. Two year warranty-new travel trailers are bound to have issues that come up from manufacturing.  There are only a few brands out there offer a two year manufacturer warranty and Highland Ridge is one of them.  This gives us a piece of mind that we have two full seasons of use to work out the kinks 🙂

Light LT221RQB Floorplan

Image taken from Highland Ridge RV:


  1. Lack of dinette:  I like that this trailer had a more flexible living space but I am worried that I might miss a traditional dinette.  We will see as time goes on.  We did purchase two plastic folding chairs from Sam’s Club that we can store under the sofa to pull out if we need to.
  2. Price:  For John this was his only con.  It was quite a bit more than other trailers this size but in the end we felt like the quality was there-the doors don’t vibrate when open and shut like some-they feel solid.  We got a great deal on it though and I worked hard to get a good price off the MSRP.
  3. Lack of privacy for the master bed.  Really, there is only a curtain that can be pulled to block off the bed from the rest of the unit.  With the kids being so young, it isn’t really too much of an issue right now but perhaps 5 or more years down the road we may wish for a solid door dividing our space from the kids.  Our previous trailer had a separate bedroom.
  4. The Bed-It is a full size queen bed but it is not a walk-around bed and we have to climb up and crawl to get into it.  For us, we have the mobility but it is tough to make the bed for sure.
  5. The kitchen slide out-although it gives us extra space inside it takes up a little bit of space under the awning and breaks of the flow outside.  At least it is a pretty shallow slide out.

We are good with all of the cons in the end because we knew we would have to make some sacrifices to get into a smaller size camper.  I do dream some days of even smaller trailers but we are happy with our decision on the Open Range.

Here are a few of the interior pics of the Fancy Nancy before we took off for our first trip last fall.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We can’t wait to make many, many memories in this trailer!

3 thoughts on “Meet the Fancy Nancy: Our 23′ Travel Trailer

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  1. So after owning it for a while, what do you think? What are your pros and cons now? I’m looking at picking up this model for my family of 5 and pulling it with our F-150. Thanks in advance!


    1. Thanks for reading. I think for the most part the pros and cons have stayed the same. We really do love our rig and fits us perfect as a family of four. We had my brother, wife and two year old daughter also stay with us one weekend. It was tight but we all fit. I don’t know the ages of your family of 5 but I do know that it would get tight since there is just the two bunks. Someone would probably have to sleep on the jacknife sofa. I don’t really miss having a designated dinette since we eat outside as much as we can. I don’t care for the screw in tables and am thinking of just getting some TV trays for when we camp in the colder seasons.

      A con in the blog post was the kitchen dinette taking up room under the awning but that doesn’t bother us at all. We have spent 40+ nights in it since last November in all types of weather and have stayed comfortable. There is a lot of storage and had enough room for clothes and food for a 12 day trip no problems.

      I am not sure the weight limits of your tow vehicle. We tow with a 2017 Dodge Ram 2500-gas. It tows well for the most part but when we were out in the Black Hills there were times we wished we had a diesel. We had enough power but a diesel would have made it less work on the engine.

      Over alkl we love it! It works great for our family and the way we camp A year later I am not sure we would trade it for anything else.


      1. Thanks for the response. It’s so hard to find the perfect fit but I think this is going to be the best for us. I look forward to reading about your next adventure!


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