2018-The Year Ahead

I love looking forward to the year ahead with so many goals and hopes ahead of us for our family.  Last year, we did pretty well achieving the vision of the year.  It wasn’t easy and we were busy, busy busy, but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.  Our daughters have developed a love for the campground and for the trails and I want to continue to have these experiences as a family.

So here they are, our goals and plans for 2018!

365 Mile Challenge

Last year we participated in the 52 Hike Challege and loved it!  You can click on the link page above labeled 52 Week Challenge to see all the posts related to this adventure.    As we neared the end, I began to get a little sad that this experience was coming to an end.  We had spent so much time together as a family, on the trail and I was feeling a bit worried that since we don’t have a goal to work towards we won’t make it a priority like we had in 2017.

Final Hike of the 52-Hike Challenge

So to help keep me motivated I decided to join the 365 Mile Challenge this year.  I came across this challenge in one of my Facebook groups, Hike Like a Woman and decided this was my new goal for the year.  365 miles completed by the end of 2018. Although this challenge doesn’t necessarily include my family, I think they will be joining me on hikes as I work towards achieving this goal.  The challenge can be whatever you want it to be, the only stipulation is that the miles can only be counted if they are self-propelled miles.  And although you can have indoor or outdoor miles according to the official rules of the challenge, my goal is to have 365 OUTDOOR miles.

This group got out to walk our first mile on New Years Day on a chilly -6 degree (-23 with windchill) day!

Hike all Trails in Story County

We reside in central Iowa in Story County.  Our county has a conservation and parks division with numerous parks throughout the county.  My goal is to traverse either on foot or bike all the land trails in the system.  There is a 34 mile water trail, but I will not be including that this year.  We got a good start on the last year but would like to finish it this year.  In 2017, I began volunteering on the trails advisory committee as a way to give back and I want to become more familiar with the areas that they are talking about and referring to during the meetings.  Plus, like last year, I want to discover new places close to home.

Visit 4 New State Parks in Iowa

I will be the first to admit, when I think of camping and exploring, my mind immediately goes to Minnesota-Land of 10,000 lakes and the places where I was born and raised.  We travel there frequently since my parents still like in the Twin Cities.  Slowly, over the last 10 years that I have lived in Iowa, I have discovered that it has so much more to offer in regards to outdoor recreation that I could have ever imagined.   There are 71 state parks and preserves in Iowa and we have only visited 14 of those 71 park and that is over the course of the 12 years that John and I have known eachother.  I hope to visit 4 new Iowa state parks this year.

A new to us state park in 2017

25 miles in the Minnesota Hiking Club

Last year we joined the Minnesota State Parks Hiking and Passports Clubs. We have enjoyed this program so much over the year and hope to continue to log miles to earn our 50-mile patch.  We earned our 25-mile patch at the end of 2017.


New Trail/Park Every Month

In an effort to get out and keep exploring, we would like to hit up a new trail or park every month.  Which I think should be an easily achievable goal if we accomplish our other goals.

40 nights in the RV

Last year we camped 39 nights in the Fancy Nancy so I hope to come close to this again this year.  We already have reservations for 18 nights at the campgrounds in bold below.  And the rest we will see what comes up.  I am going to make a few more reservations in the upcoming weeks.

2018 Camping Wishlist

  • Waubonsie State Park/Stone State Park in Eastern Iowa in Loess Hills
  • Pikes Peak State Park in NE Iowa
  • Backbone State Park in Iowa
  • Whitewater State Park in southern MN
  • Wagon Trail Campground Door County, WI
  • Jellystone Campground-we haven’t chosen a location for this one yet
  • Des Moines KOA
  • Tettegouche State Park along the North Shore in MN
  • Kansas City KOA
  • Smokey Mountains-We are staying at the Townsend KOA and Cherokee KOA
  • Rathbun-Honey Creek Resort in SE Iowa
  • Indiana Dunes State Park in Northern Indiana along the shores of Lake Michigan
  • Saylorville-Prairie Flower-in Central Iowa
  • Branson, MO-BRanson Treehouse Adventures
  • Adventureland Resort Campground in Des Moines, IA
  • Staved Rock State Park, Illinois

A few other random goals are:

  • participate in a candlelight hike/snowshoe this winter (not sure this will happen because the one weekend we plan to go up to MN there are none scheduled but plans can always change.
  • host group hikes with family and friends
  • hike more adult-only hikes
  • take the girls on a night hike

So there they are, our 2018 goals for travel and adventure.  Cheers to 2018 and the new year!


Cheers to 2018!

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  1. Looks like it’s going to be a great year! We need to spend more time checking out state parks close to home, too….we always have a good time when we do, but I’m still always planning things farther away…


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