2020-The Year Ahead

The calendar just turned from 2019 to 2020 but I have been dreaming about my goals and plans for 2020 for months now. Let’s be honest, most camping reservations need to be made months to almost a year in advance-especially if you want to get your pick of campsites. And if we are going to be completely honest, I already have some plans up my sleeve for 2021. But back to 2020. Most of my outdoor and travel goals and plans are pretty normal to what we have done in the past but it is fun to think about and plan and dream. So here they are, our 2020 plans!

Hiking Goals

Loess Hills State Forest

52 Hike Challange-Explorer Series

After completing the 2019 52 Hike Challenge in the nick of time (one day to spare), we are putting the 2020 challenge back on the list for our goals for the year too! I am planning to attempt the Explorer Series again (hike 52 different trails). This will be our 4th year doing a 52-Hike Challenge. We have been successful with the Original Series twice but would like to continue to work on a new challenge.

Hiker Babes 100 Hike Challenge

Elsie also made the comment that would like to work towards 100 hikes. Technically, she has done this already since she hiked 52 times in 2017, 27 times in 2018, and 45 times in 2019 but we haven’t been tracking them that way. The Hiker Babes Community has a 100 Hike Challenge (doesn’t have to be completed in a specific time frame) so I might see if that is something she wants to do. She also said she wants to try to get in a 5 mile hike this year.

My Hiking Goals

Most of my hikes are short (1-3 miles), since we tend to do most of these together as a family. Elsie is my slow and steady hiker and I think we could do longer hike but Evie is my “fast and furious” hiker and burns out around two miles or so unless they are super interesting. I would love to do a 10 mile day hike this year and I would like to hike more with adults. Every time I get a group of friends together to hike, we always say that we need to do this more often. So my hope this year is to make that a reality.

Camping Plans for the Year

The calendar has just rolled over into a new year and I am already feeling like I have booked all the campsites I can for the year. This isn’t really the truth since in the spring and fall we camp locally due to soccer schedules but I don’t generally book those until the season gets a little closer. Last year, our goal was 40 nights during the year and we fell a few nights short so I am hoping to hit the 40 mark this year. It will be a challenge if we don’t end up taking the trailer to Charleston for spring break, but it will be fun to try.

Current Plans:

  • Bear Head Lake State Park near Ely, MN-May
  • Bunker Hills Campground near Minneapolis, MN-June
  • Cascade River State Park-North Shore of MN-July
  • Lake Shetek State Park in MN-We are planning to make this a Laura Ingalls Wilder trip and spend some time in Walnut Grove, MN-July.
  • The Old Barn Resort-Lanesboro, MN-August

With what we have booked so far, that will be 12 nights so it is a long way to go to get to that magic number 40.

Additional Plans

I hope to plan some local trips for April, May. September, and October still and stay in some of Iowa’s State Parks (booking window is 90 days so it makes it hard to plan too far in advance). We try to get out once or twice in the winter months (January and February) but I don’t book those too far in advance since it is so weather dependent although I have penciled in a few weekends to take off.

I haven’t yet booked anything for Labor Day and I would like to plan something for the full week after Christmas this upcoming year. And I would love to plan something for my birthday in November but you just never know when harvest will be over (this year, farmers were still going into December!!). I feel like this year, more than most years I have to be flexible with the plan. We plan to stay more local with the centennial of the Iowa State Park system but we will see!

So what are your plans for 2020? Where are you headed or what is on your bucket list?

One thought on “2020-The Year Ahead

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  1. I love Bearhead Lake State Park!!!! Wonderful gem close to Ely!! Have fun. Visit my site if you need ideas. Local coffee shop is a great place to hang out in Ely.
    Although fishing has kinda sucked for me up that way.
    I must check out those other places you mentioned they sound interesting.
    Go hiking!!! Always a good goal. Enjoy.


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